Eagle’s Shake Rattle and Roll Smoothie!


MEG's chocolate banana shake rev

Mary Ellen’s Chocolate Banana Smoothie

One medium to large banana – not over ripe, but just ripe. Peeled.

1/3 cup cold 2% milk (I use organic)

2 -3 standard size ice cubes. Note: in a standard ice cube tray, each cube equals 2 T or one ounce of liquid. Adjust accordingly if you use smaller cubes.

2 scant Tablespoons Chocolate Malt Ovaltine. If you like a milder chocolate flavor, use a little less.

Few shakes of Cinnamon

Put all ingredients in blender that is strong enough to crush ice. This is important! (I use a Cuisinart Smart Power 7 speed blender that has an Ice Crush button on it.) Blend at the ice crush speed until you can hear that there aren’t any ice chunks left, about 30 seconds. I blend a little longer to make it extra frothy. Pour and enjoy!! Note: straw and crazy dancing are optional.


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